I come at the question of hope from the perspective that truly total devastation is possible and something close to that is where we are heading now — David Wallace-Wells 

by Caspar Henderson

On the edges of a world map made around 1300 and now kept in Hereford cathedral there are beasts, monsters, semi-humans, and humans with strange ways. The lynx sees through walls and grows a valuable carbuncle in its secret parts. The manticore has a triple row of teeth in a man’s face, a lion’s body, a scorpion’s tail and the voice of a siren. Semi-humans such as the Phanesii, a bat-like people with enormous drooping ears, live in Asia, as do the Spopodes, who have horses’ feet. The Gangines of India live on the scent of apples of the forest and die instantly if they perceive any other smell. The Arimaspians fight with griffins for diamonds. Fully…

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