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Journeying with you through climate grief

This is a hard time to hope. It can be hard to know what hope is now.

We are in a time between worlds.  From us who live in it, it demands new skill and new ways with words. We need paradigm-shifters of hope, leaders of mourning, pioneers of courageous unknowing.

If you feel ill-equipped to face the future, you are not alone. We can navigate together the journey that awaits us. In doing so we can release the honesty and energy these times require.

Why this work is necessary

Journey with us through climate grief

A new world-view is emerging for our time.  Lying beyond both hope and despair, it is a place of level ground where we can love, live and act with courage.  Let’s travel there. Please get in touch, sign up for updates, or introduce yourself.

Borrowed Time is currently in an initial period of development.  From September 2020 we’d like to invite you to join an enduring community, based in the UK, which will take the journey further.